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Cylinder Heads
Cleaning of cylinder heads

Machining of valve seats 30 & 45 degrees

Machining of valves 30 & 45 degrees

Remove and replace valve guides

Remove and replace valve seats

Replacing of standard and oversize valve seats

Machine valve protrusion

Surface grind of cylinder heads

Pressure tests ...
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Cylinder Blocks
Surface grinding of water sealing faces on top deck (insitu)

Insitu lineboring of main bearing pockets

Lineboring of main bearing pockets
Honing of cylinder liners

Surface grinding of cylinder liners upper and lower faces

Roughness test reports 

Laser Alignment on main bearing pockets
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Connecting Rods
Measure alignment and straightness of connecting rods

Resizing of connecting rods

Remove and replace small end bushes & machine
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Grinding of crankshaft journals

Polishing of crankshaft

Crack testing

Hardness testing

Straightness measurement...
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Insitu Line Boring

Machining of Y-Bracket bush (propulsion system)

Machining of Stern tube after end (propulsion system)

Machining of upper and lower Rudder bushes

Machining of Main bearing pockets (engine block)

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Laser Alignment

Laser alignment between engine- gearbox- alternator- propeller shaft

Laser alignment of main bearing pockets on engine blocks

Laser alignment for insitu line boring on engine blocks

Laser alignment for stern tubes and Y-Brackets (propulsion system)

Computer printouts

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Propeller Blades & Hubs
Machining of blade roots and landing surfaces

Rectifying crank discs from propeller hubs

Machining of propeller hub pockets radial & axial
Radial max 600mm...
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Vibration Tests
Propulsion systems


Engines etc. all with computer printouts...
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Roughness Tests
Cylinderliners with computer printouts...
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Complete Engine Overhauls
Dyno Testing

Diesel &
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